Historic Preservation Commission

The Town of Gila Bend's Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of a five (5) Member volunteer panel nominated by the Mayor and approved by the Town Council, all of whom have a demonstrated interest, experience or knowledge in one of the following: history, architecture, planning, archaeology, historic archaeology, real estate, historic preservation, law or a related field. 

The Historic Preservation Commission directive is to assist the Town Council in establishing a town-wide policy for preservation and restoration of historical sites and properties located in the town and for the purpose of preserving the heritage of the town. The Commission shall decide whether a permit should be issued for any demolition or removal of a historic site or for the renovation to the exterior of a historic site or any construction, demolition or removal of any structure within a historic district or for any renovation or other change of the exterior of any structure within a historic district; except that, Commission review of applications for permits for new construction of a structure or addition to an existing structure shall be limited to building size, scale, exterior elevation, design, and color and appearance, to assure compatibility with the historic character of the property, neighborhood, and environment. The Commission shall advise the Mayor and Council in all matters concerning historic sites and districts. In this regard, the commission may recommend to the Mayor and Council changes in the Zoning Ordinance, Building Code or other local laws as may enhance the purposes of preserving the Town's heritage. This commission may also recommend to the Mayor and Council acquisition by the town of structures or easements for maintenance or repair of structures for their preservation where private preservation is not feasible; and shall initiate and conduct detailed studies and surveys of buildings, structures and areas within the town, with the intention of assessing potential of the buildings, structures or areas for designation as historic sites or districts. 


A majority membership of the five members shall be residents of the town. One member of the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be appointed to ensure the continued coordination between the two groups. If no professional expertise is available locally, a consultant shall be retained when the Commission is considering national register nominations and other actions that will impact historic properties. 

Members of the Commission originally appointed shall be appointed in staggered terms as follows: two of the members shall be appointed to serve a one-year term; two of the members shall be appointed to serve a two-year term, and one of the members shall be appointed to serve a three-year term. Thereafter, all vacancies created by the expiration of member's terms shall be filled with a three-year appointee. All vacancies resulting from causes other than termination of appointment shall be appointed to fill the remaining term of the former member. 


Members of the Commission shall regularly attend meetings and public hearings of the Commission. The Commission shall hold an organizational meeting annually and shall elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from among the members. The Commission shall meet at least four times each year and follow the provisions of the State Open Meeting Act being A.R.S. §§ 38-431 et seq., including providing for public notice and the agenda, minutes and meetings open to the public. The Commission shall designate a regular meeting time and meeting place.

Interested in becoming a member of the Historic Planning Commission? Fill out the Advisory Boards and Commissions Application and then submit it to the Town Clerk, Beverly Turner, MMC at bturner@gilabendaz.org