Boards & Commissions

Town Boards and Commissions

The Town of Gila Bend has a variety of boards and commissions offering an excellent opportunity for individuals to volunteer their services on significant matters. Boards and commissions may be fiduciary, regulatory, policy-setting and/or advisory. In all cases, members' contributions are invaluable to the Mayor, the Town Council, and the Town.

View a list of Boards and Commissions with a description of their responsibilities, membership lists, and their conflict of interest codes (if applicable).

Expiring Terms and Unscheduled Vacancies

Expiring Terms lists the terms that are expiring of Town Board and Commission members by month. It includes the name of the board or commission, the member's name and the date the term is scheduled to expire.

Unscheduled Vacancies lists any current unscheduled vacancies on Town Boards and Commissions such as vacancies caused by resignation or death.

  • There are 2 vacancies on the Planning and Zoning Commission as of 12/17/2023.