Community Events

Events In Gila Bend
The Town of Gila Bend offers several annual events on major holidays like Easter, Independence Day, Halloween and Christmas! Gila Bend also enjoys commemorating and honoring its military service men and women, and puts on intimate, charming ceremonies for Memorial Day, Patriot Day, and Veterans Day. In recent years, the Town has added Cinco de Mayo to its event list.

Local Heritage

Butterfield Stage Days and Rodeo is a heritage event that celebrates the area's historic relationship with the advent of the stagecoach line that brought mail, business, and travelers to the southwest, which paved the way for the railways!

Giving Back

Twice each year, the Town organizes volunteers to help give back to their neighborhood! In March Gila Bend holds 'Green Day', a half day where friends and neighbors come together to help spruce up their community. Read more about Green Day

The Gila Bend Annual Pitch-In is the other volunteer event the Town puts together. The Pitch-In has been a tradition for more than 25 years! This event is usually held in the Fall. Read more about the Pitch-In

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