Contracting With the Town of Gila Bend

Become a business partner with the Town of Gila Bend. Right now, the Town is seeking a Statement of Qualifications from individuals and businesses who are interested in contracting for on-call services.

Request for Statement of Qualifications



  • Will external covers or tabs/divider pages count toward the total page count? No
  • Is the Town requiring a separate SOQ for each category or do you expect one SOQ that covers all categories that we are interested in being considered for? No, submittal should cover all categories consultant wishes to be considered for.
  • If this is one SOQ, would the Town prefer one overall organizational chart for all categories or one for each category? One overall organizational chart is sufficient.
  • If this is one SOQ for all categories, is the maximum page count 10 pages total or 10 pages per category? 10 pages total
  • Should right-of-way acquisition that is listed under Category 2 Transportation be included in Category 15 Appraisal since it is Real Estate related? If the Town is only selecting a certain number of consultants for each category, we would assume the Town would select Transportation related firms for this category. Right of way acquisition refers to assisting the Town with acquiring easements and right-of-way, including identifying needs, preparing easement forms and assisting the Town with other tasks as the Consultant may be competent to perform. Real Estate Appraisal is a specialized service that is not expected of the Transportation Consultant.
  • Is it beneficial to the Town if SOQs include more than three projects in section 2C per category if we are within the allotted page count or do you prefer just three per category? More than 3 projects is acceptable provided submittal is within the allotted page count.
  • On page 9 of the RFQ, there is a statement that says that an SOQ could be disqualified if “3) Vendor cannot demonstrate financial stability.” Are you expecting us to include anything to substantiate this? No
  • Would the Town recommend we find an engineering firm to team with to submit on the transportation category for our right-of-way services, or would we be able to submit an RFQ on our own for our right-of-way services? It is acceptable to submit for right-of-way acquisition in the transportation category without having an engineering firm. Clarify in your proposal the limits of your services.
  • We also offer environmental services, so if we can submit on right-of-way services, would we submit two proposals (one proposal for each category), or one proposal combined? Combine them into one (1) proposal.


  • The Amended RSOQ  “Building Official Category” states it has been eliminated (page 1, number 3. In the Corrections to RSOQ Document summary) however is still listed on page 5, number 12. Please disregard any reference to the “Building Official” category.  The Town will not be selecting consultant(s) for this category.
  • Does the cover page and TOC count toward the page limit? No, the cover page and/or table of content does not count as part of the 10 page limit.
  • Section IV-A.1. – States “…explained in Section I.” at the end of the paragraph. Should this state Section II?  Yes, this should have referenced Section II which identifies and describes the categories.