Garbage & Recycling

Trash Collection Services

Trash services in Gila Bend are provided as a contracted service between the Town of Gila Bend and Waste Management. Garbage collection and bulk pick-up are services provided by Waste Management and residents are billed by the Town of Gila Bend for this service. Recycling collection is not currently provided.

Residents must contact Waste Management if they have questions about their trash service, or to file a complaint. For billing issues, please contact Gila Bend Town Hall at 928-683-2255, M-F from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

To contact Waste Management Customer Service, call: 800-796-9696 or go to their website at:
Waste Management

Residential Customer Dump Facility (Well #4)

Residents can take non-hazardous items to the local dump site owned and operated by the Town of Gila Bend. It is located on the west side of St. Louis Avenue, just north of Stout Street.

Please review the list of Unacceptable Waste items which are NOT ALLOWED to be dumped at Well #4 or in your residential trash container.

Hours of operation are: (Times and days may vary by season. Please contact Town Hall at 928.683.2255 for the most current operating hours, thank you.)

Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 7:00am to 3:30pm